Scholarship Information

Apply for a scholarship from the IECCD

You can apply for funding from the IECCD. Many of the retreats and workshops hosted by the IECCD are fully-funded through the generous support of the Thriving in Ministry grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. Some events will require travel or housing. We also encourage members of our Early Career and Senior Career Clergy Cohort to gather on their own outside of the Fall and Spring retreats. The IECCD will do its best to support their attendees. Priority is given to pastors in rural areas through our Rural Pastors Program.

We support:

  • Early Career and Senior Career Cohort events that are held between the annual Fall retreat (mission work, small trips, workshops, etc)
  • Attendance to the Spring Retreat (travel, lodging, resources)
  • Continuing Education opportunities offered by the IECCD

Please fill out the information below with as much detail as you can to apply for a scholarship.