About The IECCD

Who We Are

The IECCD provides early career clergy with the tools for transformational and sustainable ministry in the 21st century. Through coaching, education, leadership development, early career clergy learn the best practices for challenging their congregations to be bolder in their faith and outreach. The IECCD is a place of ministerial support for early career clergy of all denominations, a place where they can consult with pastors who are in a similar ministry and missional setting. It is a place for clergy to receive practical tools.

It is also a place that seeks to be bold by exploring challenges that affect the church including the LGBTQIA+ community, #BlackLivesMatter, systemic racism, and immigration rights. It is a place for clergy who want to be change agents in their communities, but who don’t quite have the tools to do so. It is a place for clergy who serve congregations whose membership reflects the vast political spectrum of American politics. It is a place where clergy who want to learn how to address these issues within their congregations can turn. It is also a place where we recognize a person’s call to ministry and we help them understand what that call means in the 21st century.

In addition to our comprehensive Early Career Clergy Leadership Cohort, we also offer classes through the Center for Continuing Education, The School for Spiritual Discipline Beyond Borders certification program and our Annual Transformation Retreat. Each of these are designed specifically to support early-career, rural and small member church clergy. Continuing Education and the Spiritual Discipline training program are open to lay people as well.


Leadership Cohort

The Early Career Clergy Leadership Cohort partners early career clergy in their second through seventh year serving as church pastors with senior career clergy Mentors. In addition to one-on-one mentorship, The Cohort will also participate in Small Groups to allow you to delve deeper into each module, build relationships and share best practices in Ministry within your group. 

Annual Transformation Retreat

The Annual Transformation Retreat is a two-day event which explore topics that are critical to  21st century ministry. The 2021 Retreat, The Church and Race will be held in late Spring.

Center for Continuing Education

Continuing Education classes are offered throughout the year. Click on the Center for Continuing Education button below to view our current offerings and to register for classes.

School for Spiritual Direction Beyond Borders

The School of Spiritual Direction Beyond Borders believes we are in an ever-learning journey to seek God beyond the borders in our lives and in our world. The directors (lay and clergy) trained in the program are formed by Korean, Black, Latin, Indigenous, African and Anglo traditions of Spiritual Direction. From these various traditions, we can begin to seek discernment in order to break down the borders within our hearts and culture.

Our Team


​Rev. Kimberly Clarke Turner

BA, Tufts University

Duke Divinity School (coursework toward M.A.C.P. — Youth Ministry concentration)

Master of Divinity Student, Hood Theological Seminary

Pastor, Triad Native American UMC, Greensboro, NC, Western North Carolina Conference

​Rev. Dr. Lamont Foster
Clergy Advisor

BS, University of Connecticut

M.A., North Carolina Central University

Ed.D., Appalachian State University

MDiv, DMin., Hood Theological Seminary

Pastor, St. John AME Zion Church, Wilson, NC

​Rev. Dr. Jim Wadford
Clergy Advisor

BA, Central Wesleyan College

M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

D.Min., Drew Theological Seminary

Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, Hood Theological Seminary