About The IECCD

Who We Are

The IECCD is a place of ministerial support for early career clergy of all denominations, a place where they can consult with pastors who are in a similar ministry and missional setting. It is a place for clergy to receive practical tools. It is also a place that seeks to be bold by educating clergy about LGBTQI persons, #BlackLivesMatter, systemic racism, and immigration rights. It is a place for clergy who want to be change agents in their communities, but who don’t quite have the tools to do so. It is a place for clergy who serve congregations whose membership reflects the vast political spectrum of American politics. It is a place where clergy who want to learn how to address these issues within their congregations can turn. It is also a place where we recognize a person’s call to ministry and we help them understand what that call means in the 21st century.

leadership Cohort

The Early Career and Senior Career Clergy Cohort brings together early career clergy (second through seventh year) with senior career clergy (more than ten years in ministry). Cohorts coaching, facilitated leadership development sessions, and wellness resources.

Transformational Retreat

The Spring Retreat is a 2-day event devoted to addressing issues in 21st century ministry. Ministry leaders spend quality time learning new methods and creating new ways to address cultural shifts in the world today.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education opportunities are offered throughout the year. Check out our online offerings to sustain your credentials.


Spiritual direction is the practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine, or to learn and grow in their personal spirituality.

center for preaching

The Center For Preaching offers interactive learning experiences to enhance clergy communication, sermon writing, and preaching. Learn best practices and theological praxis for crafting effective sermons.


Meet Our Director


​Rev. Kimberly Clarke Turner

BA, Tufts University

Duke Divinity School (coursework toward M.A.C.P. — Youth Ministry concentration)

Master of Divinity Student, Hood Theological Seminary

Pastor, Triad Native American UMC, Greensboro, NC, Western North Carolina Conference


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